How Mature Is Your Health System’s Unsaleable Returns Program?

Take this assessment to see where your program stands.


Within what time frame do you usually receive credits?

Great! McKesson’s Rapid Returns program’s turnaround time is 30-days flat. Glad you’re getting the credit you deserve within a reasonable amount of time.

It sounds like there could be some room for improvement here. McKesson’s Rapid Returns program has a turnaround time of 30 days. We'd love to share more on how we can partner to make sure you’re getting the credit you deserve.

There could be an opportunity to cut that time frame significantly. We could partner to help you get that credit in 30 days with our Rapid Returns program.


How is your shipping and processing for returns currently handled?

Doing that manually could potentially be time consuming. Any room for or interest in consolidation? If so, our process could help.

Excellent! That’s how our Rapid Returns program helps customers get their credit faster. We work with an approved third party to handle this for you.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an idea of how this process works each month? Our Rapid Returns program helps to eliminate the guesswork.


How do you receive your credits?

Depending on the month, that could be a lot to balance. Interested in getting that credit at one time? McKesson's Rapid Returns helps consolidate this.

That probably helps eliminate a lot of manual tasks. Our program aims to do just that. We’d love to share more.


Do you see room for improvement in any of these areas?

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Your Score: – High Maturity

Based on your responses, your unsaleable returns program is strong. The program likely has few manual processes, and your health system is getting the credit it deserves in a timely manner. There’s always room for improvement. Check out our brochure to see if we can help you expedite the process even more, contact our team.

Your Score: – Medium Maturity

Your responses indicate that your unsaleable returns program has a solid start, but it also has some room for improvement. Whether it’s receiving your credits faster or making the shipping and processing more efficient, we may have a solution that could work for you. Let’s get the conversation started.

Your Score: – Low Maturity

The good news is that there’s a lot of room for growth. In turn, your health system could improve efficiency, consolidate your processes and more. We’d love to partner with you provide you with the tools you need to help realize the potential of your unsaleable returns program. Learn more.